Technologies in play

The children who grow up these days approach digital technologies in a much easier and more natural way than previous generations. Children’s curiosity is a good starting point for experimental play, where the imagination can run wild and ideas can be tried out. By combining this culture of playing, which in itself trains innovative thinking, with potent technologies like 3D printing and robots, new creative approaches are formed. Studies show that playing with media technology can give children’s narratives new production oriented outlets. All that is needed is the correct pedagogical support.

Whether you are working with media production, programming, or fabrication technologies, there are user-friendly platforms that make the process intuitive and approachable, even for the youngest children. New digital tools can also give a richer experience of discovering natural phenomena, stimulate language development, and give new possibilities for working with music and movement. In order to define which technologies are best suited in a kindergarten context the Minimakerspace project has been launched in partnership with Furesø municipality, Copenhagen municipality, and the learning technology company Hippomini.

Over the course of the project, a series of products will be selected and tested, inspirational activity folders will be developed, as well as a special cart. In order to aid the development of related pedagogical skills, a workshop program will also be created. Thereby a series of institutions and ambassadors to the project will receive the necessary practical training, which can then be passed on to more institutions, both in and outside of the already participating municipalities. We hope that Minimakerspace will become a broad collaboration, where knowledge, practical experience, and also solutions can be shared.