Minimakerspace is a collaboration between Furesø municipality, Copenhagen municipality, and the business Hippomini. In this collaboration Furesø municipality is represented by Nikolaj Bührmann, who is an IT pedagogical consultant, while Copenhagen is represented by chief consultant Sadedin Jepsen.

A number of kindergartens from both municipalities are participating. From Furesø the participating institutions are Kærnehuset, Farum Vejgaard, Dalgården, Birkedal, and Bøgely. It is currently not yet decided which institutions from Copenhagen will be participating, but it is expected to be 5-6 kindergartens.

Hippomini will be delivering the educational technology as well as advising and contributing with didactic design and the conceptualisation of the Minimakerspace cart – the piece of furniture that will function as a mobile storage and work station for the products. First a prototype will be created, which will be tested and modified. When practical experience has been gathered, the requested changes to the cart can be implemented, so that the finished product is adjusted to the selected technologies and its specific everyday use.